Bay Area Dance Photography | About
Welcome to my new website. This started out as just a site for dance and movement photography. But as I gave it thought, I realized that it had to be much more than just dance, it had to be about me. To me life is dance. Sometimes we are doing the Waltz, sometimes we are grooving to some hip hop, and other times we are concentrating and doing our jobs just like in the discipline of Ballet. Sometimes we are leaping across the floor, sometimes, we are doing the sultry Tango. Whatever it is, life is a Dance!

I love capturing dance and all the amazing movements that go with it. But, I also love capturing roses and other flowers. I love going out on a hunt for wildflowers in Yosemite.

I love the experience of the great outdoors and capturing my favorite model, Janelle. I love capturing families, especially several generations with grandma and/or grandpa. These memories will soon just be a memory.

I love making books for my clients and giving them something to cherish for years to come.

I am Lynne Fried and the primary photographer for Bay Area Dance Photography.

Please contact me as I would love the opportunity to work with you and capture your special moments.

Keep on dancing!